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The Ocean is our playground, and so we want to make every effort to protect it. Environmental issues are increasingly urgent, and so we try to do anything we can do to reduce our footprint and tread lightly on the world around us. This partnership with Earthly allows our clients to directly offset their fuel emissions with some green initiatives that remove the equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

The peatland and mangrove projects and Cornish seaweed farming initiative are particularly close to our hearts, giving back to the sea and creating a habitat for sealife, as well as providing an incredibly clean and efficient way to remove carbon, increase biodiversity and create sustainable products. We offer the carbon balancing to every client on crewed charters, and encourage them to consider their environmental impact at each stage of their charter We tell Earthly how much fuel clients are likely to use during the charter, and they supply a certificate of how much CO2e was balanced and with which projects. We can then present this to the client as a gift from us, or offer it as an optional extra they want to purchase at time of booking.

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