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The “Venti35 Project" will provide Lake Lugano with the first fully-electric boat in Switzerland, resulting in the first major reduction in CO2 emissions related to lake navigation.


The cornerstones of the Venti35 Project is working towards the protection of the surrounding environment through zero co2 emission ships, along with the introduction of a network of services to promote the green economy of the lake there will also be a creation of a training and research facility for new professionals that will be associated with the world of electrification.


The electrification project represents an important step for SNL and Switzerland and will strategically allow the implementation of significant milestones in terms of the evolution of boating quality standards on the Lake of Ticino as well as the growth of competencies "Made in Ticino".


After launching the project, the subsequent objective of SNL is to facilitate electrification at federal level and to support other interested lakes and navigation companies to re-engineer and integrate their fleet with new carbon-neutral boats as well as to implement the appropriate recharging infrastructure. The purpose of this will be to implement a process of decarbonisation to ensure that the navigation experience is environmentally friendly and emission-free, not only for the Canton of Ticino, but throughout Switzerland, where navigation is an important element of tourism and leisure travel. Approximately 150 boats operated by federally certified companies transport 13 million passengers annually on Swiss lakes.


By 2035 the entire Lugano fleet will be electric.

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