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London Suisse Luxe Magazine provides a briefing across high profile subjects. Our globally minded audience is interested in a broad spectrum of new opportunities and experiences. 


With editorial reflected towards our readership, allowing for and encompassing expressive, informative and striking content. We are a bespoke publication and our attention is guided by our readership and uniting like minded individuals.

Luxury across the Damiani group of companies is not based just by jewels, gold nor diamonds, but something more subtle, simple, unique and royal. We champion strength, feeling and passion, which, like nature, starts as a cocoon releasing a butterfly into the world. The secret of creativity is to embrace it. We at The Damiani Group truly appreciate the launch of London Suisse Luxe Magazine into the market, as its aim is focussed on uniting Luxury and Business back to their original dimension along with dedication and care for its clients and readers”


Guido Grassi Damiani 

President of The Damiani Group of Companies


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