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AMG proud to announce collaboration with Corriere del Ticino.

Aletra Media Group are proud to announce the following update:

As part of the expansion of readership, inclusion and diversity AMG has partnered with Ticino's leading tabloid Corriere del Ticino to be chosen as the 'medium of choice' to expand and bring English to their daily news reels via their leading online site

News is updated daily via 'onthespot' and enables Southern Switzerland's community to read updates in Italian and English. CEO Alessandro Colombi a media trailblazer saw the initiative as a welcome addition to diversifying the needs of its readers

Dina Aletras, Founder of Aletra Media shared her enthusiasm at this revolutionary moment in Ticino's history saying

'In 129 years Corriere del Ticino has been at the forefront of news, during 2020 a clear strategy was put into place to allow all communities of the canton to feel included, I congratulate the leaders of CdT and look forward to the growth of this brilliant section'

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