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Borrow A Boat Group Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

Borrow A Boat, one of the world’s leading yacht charter marketplaces, today announces it will accept crypto currencies as payment for yacht charters.

The announcement follows the successful introduction of payment using crypto currencies by its premium bespoke charter broker HELM – acquired by the Borrow A Boat group in June 2021 – Through HELM, the group was the world’s first yacht charter specialist to offer this payment service.

Customers booking through Borrow A Boat will be able to pay for their yacht charter by transferring the relevant amount of crypto currency to Borrow A Boat’s Kraken Business Wallet (public ID: AA21 N84G OENQ CUHA).

Matt Ovenden, CEO & Founder of Borrow A Boat says: “Following HELM’s successful introduction of crypto payments last year, we feel the time is right to bring this modern, easy and convenient payment method across our group.

“Whilst payment using crypto currency is still in the minority, having this capability allows us to open up the world of yacht charter to a wider – and in many cases younger – client base, who are keen to dip their toes into the world of boating.

“And for those who prefer to book their charter to the last minute, the speed of crypto payments enables customers to confirm a booking, transfer funds securely and instantly and within 24 hours.”

Matt adds, “The introduction and application of new technologies is continually helping us revolutionise the charter industry and enabling this payment method helps us to continue on our mission to create a more accessible, flexible and inclusive boating industry for all.”

HELM founder Peter Harrison says, “Access to crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide our clients with a speedy, secure and seamless service. Now that there are several established exchanges, getting and using coins is incredibly easy and convenient.”

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