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St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2020: 31st January - 8th February

The festival begins - ten top international female chefs in the Upper Engadine

This evening marks the start of the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival - with an exciting international line-up of intense girl power. This time, the cult festival has exclusively invited top female chefs from the fine dining scene. Together with the Executive Chefs at the festival’s partner hotels, they will transform the Upper Engadine into a hotspot of passionate culinary skills from four continents. The nine-day festival programme will offer around 40 events for culinary pleasure. Admission tickets are still available for gourmet visitors making a spur of the moment decision to come.

Guest chefs Lanshu Chen from Taichung, Bel Coelho from São Paulo, Carolina Bazán from Santiago de Chile, Renu Homsombat and Bee Satongun from Bangkok, Emma Bengtsson from New York, Cristina Bowerman from Rome, Kamilla Seidler from Copenhagen, as well as Asma Khan and Judy Joo from London, are all fascinating ladies. Thanks to their culinary skills, their philosophy and their personal commitment, they are really stirring things up in the male-dominated fine dining scene. Starting this evening, their very individual delicacies can be sampled and enjoyed at the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival for nine days at more than 40 foodie events.

A little foretaste of what lies in store for festival guests can be gleaned from the accounts of three of the guest chefs: For instance, star chef Judy Joo happily says, “I can’t wait to bring a big taste of Korea to the festival guests“. “My philosophy is that my food hugs and cheers, I like to cause smiles and happiness, and that is achieved through taste. There is nothing better”, is how Carolina Bazán describes her intension. “Every single menu developed has its own narrative, its own story to be told“, is how Brazil’s shooting star Bel Coelho defines her style, “some very distinctive attributes of my cooking style are my research on native Brazilian products, the study of the Afro-Brazilian culture and the study of Indigenous Brazilian Tribes traditions.”

Current news can be found on the website and on Facebook.

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