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NEW LAUNCH- London Suisse Luxe Magazine

Welcome to London Suisse Luxe Magazine.

After many years of publishing, I wanted to produce a magazine that included subjects that gave more – especially more discussion of the things that matter.

I interview British spectacle designer Tom Davies and discuss how he embraces his ever-expanding business. I visit Hamburg where I talk with Christian Völkers the CEO of property empire Engel & Völkers and in London we connect with leading pioneers in the field of cancer treatments that are addressing ways advancing Proton therapies will be accessible to those who need it most.

This decade I believe is the decade of change, change in our way of thinking, change to how we treat our planet, and change to the information available to us on how we can slow down serious issues such as climate change. We have covered subjects related to key areas affected by this change which include - Lifestyle, Business, Climate, and the future of Travel and the ways we should digest and implement the information we receive in the best possible way, enabling for a better future for each of us.

Each article is written with you, the reader, in mind.

We hope you enjoy what we have prepared.


Dina Aletras.

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